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Looking to learn something new in Photoshop or Lightroom? Phlearn has the best tutorials around.

"We create fun and engaging Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photography tutorials for creatives in all phases of their career. "

I use these awesome videos to teach my classes all the time, but I also use them myself. Every time I show a one, I enviably learn something new. Which is awesome. I thought I was a Photoshop wizard, but compared to Aaron I've got nothing.

These video tutorials teach everything from basic organization of photos, to what every single tool in Photoshop does, to way more complicated things I had no idea were possible. And they are very entertaining to watch.

Top 5 Phlearn Tutorials I recommend:

  1. Photoshop Basics: Master Every Tool in Photoshop

  2. Photography 101

  3. How to Freeze Motion in Natural Light

  4. Create a Stunning BOKEH Effect in Photoshop

  5. How to Create an HDR Image in Lightroom

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